Signing up for GigMonster is quick and easy and takes just a few simple steps to complete. Let’s get started!

Create An Account

You can create an account by visiting or by downloading the GigMonster app on the Google Play and Apple App stores. Once you’ve reached this screen click on “Create An Account”.


Once you click on “Create An Account” you’ll be presented with a confirmation that you are ready to start the account creation process. You’ll also get a chance to see some of the awesome features that are waiting for you once you have signed up!


GigMonster uses your information to create a powerful, searchable profile that other professionals in the music industry can use to find you. Your information isn’t sold to third parties — that’s not our style! We suggest using an email address as your default contact method for now. Once you’ve entered your info, check the “I agree” check box at the bottom of the page and press the “SIGN UP” button.


After you press the “SIGN UP” button, you’ll see a screen asking for your verification number. Check your email for this number — it should look something like this.


After you receive your verification number, simply type it into the text field in the app and click “Verify”.


That’s it, you’re in. Welcome to GigMonster! From here you can further refine your profile (We call it a, “GigSite”, and it can be used as an EPK) and begin searching for whatever, or whoever, you need. But don’t stop there: There’s a lot of stuff happening at GigMonster. Visit the Idea of Day for instant inspiration, or check out our industry blog at GigMonster Connect! GigMonster, Search and Be Found!

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